Young grower wins BPOA - Seabrook scholarship

Career and skills blackboard_275_182The BPOA/Peter Seabrook bursary has been awarded to Jamie Satterthwaite from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC).

BSc Horticulture student at SRUC in Edinburgh, Jamie Satterthwaite, is keen to explore a career as a grower with a focus on bedding plants and hardy ornamentals.

Jamie said: "I am very pleased to be awarded the bursary which I would like to use for travel to Australia and I am going to discuss the potential for employment via business contacts from BPOA members."

Pleased to be supporting his journey, the BPOA’s Simon Davenport said: "The BPOA congratulates Jamie on the award of the first BPOA/Peter Seabrook bursary of £1,000 and wishes him well with his plans to travel and further his studies.

"The association members are keen to foster relations with horticulture students and support their studies as they become the new entrants to the protected ornamentals production industry. We look forward to talking to Jamie about his ideas for his own study tour."

"We are happy to recognise, with this bursary, the championing work of Peter Seabrook in helping to develop horticulture education for school and college students."

Also awarded this month, the Ball Colegrave Scholarship of £2,500 will be used to support young growers on a grower’s study tour organised by BPOA and HDC. The tour is offering an intensive week of visiting protected ornamental nurseries across the East Coast of America.

Michael Smith, of the BPOA technical committee, and W.D. Smith & Son director explains further: "In the early days of my career I was lucky enough to be sent on a similar study tour. Visiting these nurseries was an inspiration to my career, as well as spending so much time with established growers on the tour. We want to give some young growers the same opportunity to help build a future for our sector."

For more information about the study tour, click here.

For more information about he scholarships, which re-open for applications in October 2014, click here.

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