Fair Play on Farm Saved Seed

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Fair Pay on Farm-Saved Seed. With harvest fast approaching, refresh your Farm Saved Seed (FSS) knowledge and ensure you accurately declare in order to protect plant breeding and genetic innovation.

Plant breeding is essential for development of new varieties to tackle emerging pressures as well as to mitigate the risks created through the removal of chemistry. It is essential that royalties on seed are fed back to the breeders in order for the funding to be utilised for genetic innovation and varietal improvement.

The BSPB (British Society for Plant Breeders) and Farming Unions are bringing the Fair Play campaign to the forefront again this summer, highlighting the importance of accurate declarations of Farm Saved Seed in order to contribute fairly to new variety development and continue investment for our market and climate.

There are numerous ways in which your FSS can be declared making it easier for you to return accurate information, leading to improved profitability on farm with improved varieties in the future.

There is a short quiz online where you can test your knowledge – BSPB are making a donation to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) on your behalf when you complete it and you can also be in with the chance of winning a prize! The quiz can be found here: https://www.fairplay.org.uk/knowledge.

BSPB are always on hand to help with queries with the FSS helpline on 01353 653209 or on email ZnNzQGJzcGIuY28udWs=. Find out more at: www.fairplay.org.uk.

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