Stocktake 2014: farmers needed

Eblex has been collecting information on production costs from 400 commercial enterprises for 10 years.

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The data collected was used to develop Business Pointers; physical and financial performance reference point used by many producers.


From 2013, Stocktake will be the new face of Business Pointers, and Eblex is recruiting farmers to take part. Participating farmers typically spend no more than half a day assembling the basic farm costs information with staff from one of the regional benchmarking offices.


Once analysed, participating farmers receive a detailed report of their figures which highlights their businesses’ strengths and weaknesses compared with the rest of the industry, and all datasets are checked via an independent validation process.


What is Stocktake?

  • Stocktake is a cost and performance comparison service which draws on information collected from participating beef and sheep enterprises.
  • Stocktake has been tailor made for commercial English producers, to analyse the efficiency and productivity of their livestock enterprise.
  • Stocktake is a service operated by AHDB. Results are confidential and independant.
  • Stocktake is nationally focussed and academically robust.
  • Stocktake's comparisons can be based on net margins at enterprise level, so farmers can judge like against like.
  • Stocktake is open to all English levy payers at no extra cost.


If you are a commercial beef or sheep farmer and are interested, please email d2VuZHkud2Fsa2VyQGFoZGIub3JnLnVr or phone 02476478885.

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