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Post-transition horticultural trade: What is the NFU doing for you?

UK EU Exit talks and negotiations

The movement of plant and plant products between the EU and UK from 1 January 2021 continues to be a major concern for the horticulture sector. The NFU has been working round the clock to highlight members’ concerns to Defra and seek pragmatic solutions, with the NFU Officeholder team and Director General taking your concerns to the top of government. The NFU will continue to be in constant dialogue with the government on this issue to ensure industry does not suffer.

The NFU’s key principles for the UK’s Exit from the EU

The NFU has 7 key principles to ensure the UK’s exit from the EU is a success:

  1. To keep markets open and functional.
  2. To provide adequate financial and logistical support for industry.
  3. To make sure adequate import tariffs are in place.
  4. To ensure that all future trade negotiations and agreements are subject to parliamentary scrutiny. This will be supported by the significant NFU win of the Trade and Agriculture Commission being placed on a statuary footing, reporting on the impacts of future trade agreements on UK agriculture.
  5. To establish robust and timely UK market monitoring,

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