NFU responds to Goldsmiths University decision to ban beef from its campus

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NFU Vice President Stuart Roberts has called the move by Goldsmiths University to ban beef from its campus food outlets 'overly simplistic' and said it shows a lack of understanding of how British beef is produced, compared to beef production globally. 

The university has banned beef from its campus food outlets from the start of the 2019 academic year as part of a 'major drive to cut carbon use' across the university. 

Mr Roberts said: “Tackling climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time but singling out one food product is clearly an overly simplistic approach.

“The main issue with this is the lack of understanding or recognition between British beef and beef produced elsewhere. Our standards of beef production in the UK are among the most efficient in the world, with British livestock grazing in extensive, grass-based systems  - meaning a greenhouse gas footprint 2.5 times smaller than the global average.

“Anyone wanting to play their part in helping our planet amid the current climate change challenge we’re all facing should buy British, locally produced beef reared to some of the highest and environmentally sustainable standards in the world.

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“The NFU has for years been encouraging public bodies such as schools and universities to back British farming and source their produce locally wherever possible. This makes more sense and keeps the choice to eat tasty, sustainably-produced meat firmly on the menu.”

The NFU will be contacting Goldsmiths to invite their Warden and the student union out onto farm to better understand British livestock production and how its extensive, grass-based system means British beef is much more sustainable than the global average. 

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  • Posted by: Richard playlePosted on: 17/08/2019 09:15:10

    Comment: So very short sighted of this university ,a place were all facts should be discussed analyzed and then a rational decision come to ..This feels to me its a left wing vegan driven push by some elements within their system ,,they should also look at were the food that comes wrapped in plastic originates as well as all sources of nutrition on their campus !! Have they ? I think not ! Grass fed beef such as that I produce on 450 acres of permanent pasture is a carbon lock our grass land locks in so much more carbon than our cattle and us produce at same time it provides air each and every night for all f us to have fresh air to breath , a vital necessity one would think ? and as we have hedges and trees all around our fields then also oxygen is being replenished all night long ! and along with that a fantastic natural biodiversity as well a win win situation until of course along comes Goldsmiths University driven by a single minded minority who want to ruin a system that works and works for them to !

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