NFU writes to UK's top ten retailers

Following the recent summit in London, the NFU wrote to the top ten UK retailers asking for urgent meetings to discuss how they can help to achieve fair and sustainable relationships throughout the supply chain.

Letters were sent to Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Co-operative, Aldi, Waitrose, Lidl, Iceland and M&S. Signed by NFU President Meurig Raymond, on behalf of the NFU, NFU Scotland, the UFU, NFU Cymru, CLA, TFA, FFA and NFYFC, they said:

It's time to back British farming_447_400‘You will be only too aware, not least because of recent media coverage but also because of the ongoing dialogue we have had for several months, of the severe problems facing many sectors of the agricultural industry. Although much of the media interest has centred on milk and, to a lesser extent lamb, the problems are by no means confined to these sectors.

‘While we have always acknowledged examples of good practice in the supply chain, we feel that more can and should be done by retailers, processors and the food service sector to address the current situation.

‘I therefore write on behalf of the NFU, NFU Scotland, UFU, NFU Cymru, CLA, TFA, FFA and NFYFC to seek an urgent meeting with you between now and the end of the month to identify what (your supermarket) can do.’

We have already started to receive responses from retailers and yesterday met with Aldi's senior management team to discuss Aldi's commitments to support British farming at this difficult time.