The sheep database: what farmers need to know

The new sheep database was launched on the first of April, but what does this mean for farmers?

Flock of sheep at pen

The new database is being administered by South Western, and the NFU has worked with them to try to ensure that disruption for farming businesses is minimal. The NFU livestock team are liasing with Defra and other stakeholders to address issues members have had with the new system.

With so many rumours at market and on social media, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction, but the fundamental message is that for farmers wanting to report on paper, not much has changed.

The AML1 formhas been replaced bythe ARAMS1 form, which is essentially identical, and instead of being sent to trading standards, itis sent to the Animal Reporting and Movement Service (ARAMS) - address at the bottom of this page. As we go through the first few months, the NFU has had assurances that the old AML1 forms will still be accepted.

Farmers can fax forms to 01908 664433 or email a scanned version to YnVyZWF1c2VydmljZUBhcmFtcy5jby51aw==.

For farmers who wish to do so, there is the facility to create and report movements electronically, either via the online portal or via their flock management software, which will also generate the paper forms you need for the haulier and receiving keeper.

Regardless of how a movement was created, farmers still have the ability to choose whether to acknowledge it on paper or electronically, and the reporting period for both remains the same as it is now (3 days).

Finally, to ensure a smooth implementation, we advise you to check that the details that your local AHVLA office has for you, including postcode(s) and holding number(s) and type(s), are correct and match with the details your mart and abattoir hold.

  • For more information, visit the ARAMS website here.

  • For an NFU briefing that explains everything you need to know in plain English, click here (login to access).

  • Animal Reporting & Movement Service, SouthWestern, PO Box 6299, MILTON KEYNES. MK10 1ZQ

  • Posted by: Will TerryPosted on: 02/04/2014 18:17:52

    Comment: Just had to try this, unfortunately I failed, and "portal" means the bit which you need,that is a special code for movement form! Big plus there is someone on the other end of the helpline, I am quiet sure they will never get lonely?
  • Posted by: Glyn ComontPosted on: 17/04/2014 13:09:13

    Comment: arams is a disaster, the website would not let me register, then having registerd the automatic response email links did not work. It did not have information on holding numbers despite animal health having the correct information. Having exsperiance of the pig site, The design of this site is poor, i could go on & on
  • Posted by: Linda BurrowsPosted on: 25/04/2014 17:40:10

    Comment: I was amazed to be given some antibiotics by my vet for a post partum ewe infection when he stated that no medicines for sheep have been liscenced properly. Can this be true, if so why cant we buy all our medical stuff from the internet rather than having to use a vet and why is the medication so expensive if it hasn't been licensed and had to undergo that extra cost.?
  • Posted by: Louise - SussexPosted on: 28/04/2014 16:29:10

    Comment: Very poor implementation. Tried to prepare a movement for early the following morning but apparently not possible to do this currently. No feedback from the website. Tried about 5 times before ringing and being told it was impossible. Should have a massive health warning and just be used for printing forms.

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