Next Generation

Poultry Industry ProgrammeThe NFU believes the future of agriculture is dependent on good young farmers driving forward innovation and improving competitiveness in each sector.

So we've created the Next Generation Policy Forum - a group of 16 younger farming members who put forward the next generation's views on current policy developments.

Many organisations work hard to support younger farmers, not least the NFYFC, an organisation which the NFU is proud to have a strong relationship with.

The NFU also offers free membership to students as well as members of Young Farmers Clubs under the age of 26 - find out more here. Younger members can also get involved at a local level, with many regions keen to meet the next generation. So why not get in touch with your group secretary or regional office to find out what is happening in your area?

Learn YOUR sector from farm to fork

Our 12-month industry and development programmes allow young people to learn about their sector from field to fork, to discover how the industry works and to identify how to get the most from it. Participants take part in a series of special behind-the-scenes events and site visits during the year.

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