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NFU Sugar and BBRO representatives have met with European sugar beet leaders where the discussion was focused on new tools and practices needed for growers to manage the current challenges facing the industry.

The online sessions took place as part of the CIBE technical and reception control committee. A highlight saw Professor Mark Stevens present the challenges facing UK sugar beet growers where he explained the ongoing problem with virus yellows and the need for long term, economical solutions to safeguard the industry.

Other presentations included:

  • Italy: without any neonicotinoid tools
  • France: Virus yellows in France
  • Sweden: without nni-tool for two years
  • Switzerland: Pest control without neonics
  • Netherlands: Insect control without neonics
  • Denmark: Occurrence and control of pests in Denmark 2020
  • Austria: Pest control with and without neonicotinoids
  • Beligum: Insect Control in a post-neonic world: Balance of 2019 and 2020
  • Poland: Post-neonic situation in Poland
  • Finland: Force treated seed in Finland

Many other countries, including France and Belgium, explained their struggles with the high aphid burden in the 2020 season.

One session focused on low sugar content syndrome, Conviso Smart and precision agriculture.

Find out more about the committee's work here.

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