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Impact of labour shortages on the poultry sector: Read our advice

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In light of the current situation, in which some food chain businesses are experiencing a shortage of workers, the NFU has provided advice for poultry producers to help you minimise impact on your own business.

The NFU is aware that while farmers may not be directly experiencing labour shortages on farm, there are issues further up the supply chain - in processing businesses, for example - and this may have an impact on producers at farm level. Disruption in one part of the integrated system of poultry production could have an adverse effect on your business. Below, we have addressed some of the concerns you may have.

The NFU is working closely with a number of stakeholders, including the APHA, Defra, BPC and Red Tractor. We want to help minimise any impacts on farm and have answered some frequently asked questions to help members make contingency plans where possible.

Communication is key

NFU poultry board chair and broiler farmer Thomas Wornham said:

“The most important consideration is to maintain open communication between you and the businesses you work with, such as your processor or packer. Information is critical, not only to make