Animal transport – how to renew your APHA authorisation

04 May 2022

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If you move animals more than 65km as part of your business activity or for trade you must have a transport authorisation issued by APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency). Here we guide you through the application and renewal process.

Animal transport authorisations last for five years. A significant number are due for renewal in 2022. The APHA is reminding transporters to apply for renewal as early as possible before their current authorisation expires to ensure you can continue to operate.

It will not cost you anything to renew your authorisation, but transporting animals without the correct authorisation carries heavy penalties.

Renewing your authorisation

There are two types of transporter authorisation:

  • Type 1 transporter authorisation is required for journeys over 65km which last no more than 8 hours
  • Type 2 transporter authorisation is for journeys over 8 hours

Renewal forms are available from the APHA Welfare in Transport team: How to contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency 

Supporting documents

It is important to have the correct documents ready to support your application.

Certificate of Competence

  • All drivers and attendants of animals on journeys over 65km as part of a business or trade must undertake an assessment and obtain a Certificate of Competence issued by an approved training body.
  • Copies of the Certificate of Competence for all drivers and attendants involved in the business for which the application is being made must be sent in with the renewal application.
  • All certificates submitted with a renewal application must be in an approved format known as ‘block’ format which is a plain and unadorned text. Awarding bodies may issue more decorative certificates in addition to the ‘block’ format certificate to those who have successfully completed a Certificate of Competence course. Decorative certificates will not be accepted by APHA.

More information

Replacement certificates

If you need a replacement ‘block’ format certificate, you should contact your awarding body.

If you attended an NFU training course the awarding body is Lantra. Replacements for lost certificates cost £10.

You can download and use this form to order a replacement certificate from Lantra: Animal Transport by Road Certificate Update Form

Contact details are available at the Lantra website: Health and Safety – Agriculture and Horticulture

Transporting animals

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