Approved sugar beet seed for 2024

10 August 2023

Sugar beet seed in a container

The NFU is aware of an advert which has been published in various trade publications advertising particular beet varieties which are not approved for sowing by British Sugar.

The advert, from SESVanderHave, advertises beet varieties available for 2024 sowing, including the varieties “Magpie”, “Raven” and “Jackdaw” which are not on the BBRO (British Beet Research Organisation) Recommended List.

Currently, these varieties are not approved for sowing by British Sugar. As the terms of the British Sugar beet contract require growers to sow varieties approved by British Sugar, this means that growers of sugar beet for British Sugar would not be able to grow these varieties without British Sugar’s consent.

This only applies to crops of sugar beet being grown for British Sugar. Beet crops being grown for any other customer, such as AD (Anaerobic Digestion) or fodder, will be subject to any conditions of sale that apply in each case.

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