Countryside access: NFU comment

02 October 2020

The NFU continues to lobby for legislative change to be able to temporarily divert public rights of way for agricultural purposes.

The NFU and the CLA are seeking support from other user groups and interested parties for the proposed addition to the Highways Act 1980 prior to taking it to government.

NFU Deputy President Stuart Roberts said:

“Sadly, we have learnt of several incidents in the past month in which members of the public have lost their lives. Our sympathies are with the families of those involved.

“The countryside is a busy working environment, so we need to ensure that the millions of people who visit every year can continue to do so safely and responsibly.

“The countryside code provides information to members of the public about how they can stay safe and enjoy the countryside responsibly. This includes keeping to public rights of way where safe and appropriate to do so, always keeping a dog under effective control and releasing your dog if feeling threatened by livestock.

“The NFU is also campaigning for a change in the law so that farmers are able to quickly, easily and temporarily divert public rights of way where livestock are present to further reduce the risks.”

See the NFU's public facing messaging on following the Countryside Code.

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