Information on Countryside Stewardship 2023 agreements

06 May 2022

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Find out about Countryside Stewardship agreements for 2023, including options, application deadlines and payment rates.

Countryside Stewardship Higher Tier, Mid-Tier and Wildlife Offers applications windows have now opened for 2023 agreements and are outlined in the Rural Payment Agency (RPA) key dates for 2022.

Existing agreement holders are reminded to submit an annual revenue claim by 16 May to secure their payment. More information about the claim deadlines can be found on this page.

A broader offering

For 2023 applications changes have been made to the scheme to broaden the current offering and make it easier to apply.

We broadly welcome these developments including how applicants can now apply for Mid-Tier applications online. Paper application packs are still available.

Lowland peatland options

New lowland peatland options (SW17 for arable and SW18 for grassland) have been introduced as well as amendments to current options.

We are pleased to see the inclusion of metal as an alternative fence posts material in FG1 Fencing and FG2 Sheep Netting, after working with the industry to lobby for this change.

CSF extension

Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) support and option approval has been extended to both high and medium priority areas for water and air pollution.

The extension of the CSF offer provides a greater opportunity to engage with water and air pollution options in CS.

Changed payment rates

Defra has reviewed and changed the CS payment rates, which you can read about on their Countryside Stewardship revenue payment rates page.

The changes apply to agreements that started in January 2022 and for agreements going forward.

Read more on our Countryside Stewardship: payment changes and updates.

CS/ES annual revenue claims dates

The important dates for 2022 CS/ES annual revenue claims are:

  • 15 March – CS and ES claims open.
  • 16 May – CS and ES revenue claim deadline without penalty.
  • 31 May – Deadline to make certain changes to CS revenue claims (submitted before 16 May) without receiving a reduction.
  • 10 June – CS/ES revenue claims deadline with penalty.

CS and ES HLS capital claims are open all year.

CS applications dates

The important dates for CS applications (for January 2023 agreements) are:

  • 8 February 8 – CS Higher Tier, Mid-Tier, Wildlife Offers, Protection and Infrastructure and Capital Grant applications open.
  • 28 February – Last date to provide Natural England (NE) with evidence requests to make changes to Priority Habitats inventory.
  • 31 March – CS Higher Tier application pack request deadline (paper only).
  • 29 April – CS Higher Tier application window closes.
  • 20 May – Last date to request CSF approvals for options in high or medium priority water and air quality areas and Natural England (NE) approvals to use the new lowland peat soil options.
  • 27 May – CS Mid Tier and Wildlife Offer paper application pack request deadline (by email or phone).
  • 31 May – Last date to request NE approval for management options for priority habitats and species.
  • 30 June – Last date to request application pack online (if you’re applying online through Rural Payments Service you don’t need to request the application pack).
  • 29 July – CS Mid Tier and Wildlife Offer application deadline.

CS Protection and Infrastructure and CS Capital Grants are open for applications all year (from 8 February).

Countryside Stewardship

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