Food Science and Technology Week – learn about food industry careers

05 June 2023

An image of a food scientist operating a machine in a lab

Photograph: Exposure Photography

We’re supporting Food Science and Technology Week which runs between 5 –12 June.  There are so many careers available in the food and drink sector and we are keen to show young people how to get started and be inspired to start their journey.

The NFU is working with the IFST (Institute of Food Science and Technology), the IGD (Institute of Grocery Distribution) and the NSA (National Skills Academy) to promote these careers in the food industry.

Professionals in the food science and technology industry are sharing their career stories, to highlight to young people the range of opportunities and excitement around these roles.

Look out for posts with the hashtag #foodscitechweek on social media.

What is food science?

Food science is the study of the physical, biological, and chemical makeup of food; the causes of food deterioration; and the concepts underlying food processing.

Food scientists and technologists apply scientific disciplines including chemistry, engineering, microbiology, and nutrition to the study of food to improve the safety, nutrition, wholesomeness and availability of food.


Careers in food range from agriculture, through the supply chain and development, to marketing and retail. Use this interactive map, created by tasty careers to explore the many options. 

IFST members have shared their career stories. You can view the full playlist of interviews on the IFST's YouTube channel.

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