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10 October 2023

A photo of a quad bike on farm.

Thanks to free online training from ATVEA, you can get a solid understanding of the fundamentals of ATV (all terrain vehicle) safety and proper riding techniques in just thirty minutes. Brush up on your knowledge and take the training today.

ATVs are excellent working tools for rough terrain and can also be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, they cause serious injuries every year, which could have been avoided by following simple safety instructions, such as wearing a helmet and avoiding unnecessary risk. 

Free online course

As part of its commitment to improving user education, the ATVEA (All Terrain Vehicle Industry European Association) has launched a new online course on ATV safety fundamentals.

This can be taken using a mobile phone or tablet, and guides users through the nine golden rules of secure riding whilst explaining the risks involved, how to prepare and practical riding tips. 

 Access the course for free at: ATVEA | eTraining for a safe and responsible riding experience.

The training course is not intended as a substitute for hands-on rider training or experience. Take the time to familiarise yourself with the ATV before you go for a ride and make sure to read and follow the instructions and warnings contained in your ATV owner’s manual.

The nine golden rules of safe riding

When riding ATVs, remember these nine points to ensure a safe riding experience:

  1. Always wear a suitable helmet, goggles and gloves, as well as long sleeved clothing and over the ankle boots.
  2. Complete a pre-riding inspection. Check the vehicle for loose, broken or incorrectly adjusted items before you start riding.
  3. ATVs are designed to be driven off the public highway. Never ride on paved roads, except to cross when permitted by law.
  4. Ride an ATV that is suitable for your age and experience – be sure to supervise ATV riders under 16.
  5. Never carry passengers on single-rider ATVs, and no more than one passenger on ATVs designed for two people. 
  6. Ride only on designated trails and at a safe speed. Be sure to share your journey with others before riding.
  7. Never ride on the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  8. Read your owners manual and familiarise yourself with the warning labels on your vehicle. 
  9. Always ride within your own capabilities and those of your vehicle. 


The ATVEA is a non-profit industry association founded in 2003, at a moment when the ATV market began to experience strong growth. The association has four main aims: 

  • To promote the correct and responsible use of ATVs and SbS (Side-by-Sides) in Europe
  • To contribute to the development of an appropriate legal and regulatory framework regarding the design and use of ATVs and SbS at European and national level.
  • To contribute to ATV and SbS user education and training.
  • To seek to cooperate with other industry stakeholders on an international basis.

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