Grocery Code Adjudicator 2022 survey results

14 June 2022

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The Grocery Code Adjudicator has released the results of the 2022 survey.

Results show overall reduced code compliance in comparison to last year's results: 47% of suppliers have experienced no code-related issues compared to 56% in 2021.

Cost price increase and delays in payments

Key problems suppliers experienced in the last 12 months were issues around cost price increase (CPI) requests, forecasting errors, delays in payments and de-listing.

Aldi was ranked the highest performance rating, scoring 98%, closely followed by Tesco and M&S scoring 97%.

You can read the GCA report and view the full results.

The impact of inflation

Mark White, the Groceries Code Adjudicator, said: “Inflation has affected the entire groceries sector as witnessed by the sheer scale of requests from suppliers to increase prices.

“I am concerned that the pressure has impaired relationships and created wider problems. My priority is to work with all the retailers to ensure they treat their suppliers fairly as they navigate the cost price process during this difficult time.”

Unprecedented rises in input costs

NFU Chief Food Business Relationships Adviser, Amy Fry, said: “The GCA’s annual survey results come at a crucial time as the industry experiences unprecedented rises in input costs. It is disappointing to see for the first time relationships between retailers and suppliers have gone backwards with disputes over cost price increases and subsequent delists.

“The NFU has met with multiple retailers in the last six months, and we will continue to build on these conversations as the supply chain continues to face unprecedented challenges.”

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