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09 May 2022

An image of Patrick Joice's family at the start of the Scrambling for YANA egg and spoon relay

Above: Patrick Joice's family pictured at the start of the Scrambling for YANA egg and spoon relay

The 130-mile ‘Scrambling for YANA’ egg and spoon relay in memory of Patrick Joice started in Norfolk on 5 May, culminating at the British Pig and Poultry Fair. Find out how you can lend your support.

The NFU’s poultry team is leading the effort to raise money for rural mental health charity YANA (You Are Not Alone). The egg and spoon relay covered more than 130 miles, starting at Patrick's family farm in Norfolk and ending at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.

In memory of Patrick Joice

The event took place in memory of Patrick Joice, a former NFU Poultry Board member and Poultry Industry Programme (PIP) chair.

Patrick suffered from depression following the diagnosis of a rare cancer, which claimed his life in 2019.

Throughout his illness he was committed to increasing awareness around mental health as well as raising £53,000 for YANA, which provides mental health support in East Anglia and Worcestershire for farming communities.

Find out more about Patrick’s story on the Farmers Weekly website.


The simplest way to show your support is to donate whatever you can through the 'Scrambling for YANA' Just Giving page.

Every penny counts and will go a long way to providing crucial mental health support in rural areas.

Egg and spoon relay

Patrick’s family started the relay from their north Norfolk farm. Their route covered:

Friday 6 May – 33 miles  South Raynham to Wisbech
Saturday 7 May – 31 miles  Wisbech to Wansford (through Peterborough)
Sunday 8 May – 33 miles  Wansford to Great Oxenden (near Market Harborough)
Monday 9 May – 30 miles  Great Oxenden to Stareton (near Coventry)
Tuesday 10 May – 4 miles  Stareton to Stoneleigh Park

Scrambling for YANA egg and spoon relay route_84052Credit: Ordnance Survey

Show your support on social media

We have had so much support for our relay on Twitter. Make sure you use the #ScramblingForYANA hashtag in your posts so that as many people as possible see what we're doing and why.

Why we're doing this

NFU chief poultry adviser Aimee Mahony said: “Patrick sadly passed away in 2019 and we wanted to carry on his legacy, raising awareness about mental health in farming. The route for the relay will take us across approximately 130 miles – ambitious but suitably challenging, just as Patrick would have liked it.

“We are fulfilling sections of the journey with volunteers from across the poultry industry, many of whom knew Patrick or have benefited from the PIP, which Patrick was a big driving force behind. I would like to encourage as many people as possible to donate what they can to this worthy cause, take part in the relay itself or come along the route to support.”

NFU Poultry Board chair and PIP chair James Mottershead said: “This is a chance for the rural community to come together to raise awareness of mental wellbeing and champion those amazing charities such as YANA which provide vital support.

“It is also a chance for all those who knew Patrick to remember and celebrate the man he was and what he achieved during such a difficult part of his life.

“Patrick promoted the importance of talking about mental health. We must continue that open dialogue in honour of him and to help the many others who are dealing with mental illness every day.”

Donate here

Contribute to the 'Scrambling for YANA' fundraiser and help people in rural communities get the help they need.

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