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23 December 2021

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We know that the farming sector can play a key role in combatting climate change. The new Environmental Land Management schemes (ELMs) must provide farmers with adequate support to reach this potential. Read on to find out how the 600 farmers and growers taking part in our Test & Trial thought this could best be achieved.

Scope of the Test & Trial

Our farmer-led net zero Test and Trial (T&T) aimed to make the case for including net zero activities in particular productivity measures in ELMs. The T&T looked at GHG calculators and farmer-friendly land management plans (LMPs) and assessed how much advice might be required. All these things will be needed to meet our net zero ambitions.

What did participants say?

Almost 600 farmers and growers participated in different elements of the T&T.

Log in to download the key findings document below and read what they thought about:

  • GHG calculators
  • Land management plans
  • How and when they might want advice
  • The barriers they’re facing to making progress towards their net zero ambitions.

When you’ve read the document, let us know what you think. Your opinions and feedback will influence the next steps in the process.

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