NFU responds to DIT consultation on trade with Israel

17 May 2022

International trade
UK and Israel flags

The NFU supports the government‘s ambition to negotiate a new and more ambitious trade deal than our existing ‘rolled-over’ deal left over from our membership of the EU. Read on to find out more. 

Israeli consumer preferences for high-quality, high-value products, as well as a growing demand for organic and niche foods make them a priority for a trade deal.

On 29 March, the team submitted its response to DIT’s (Department of International Trade) consultation on trade with Israel.

We noted the opportunity for UK agricultural produce presented by Israeli consumer preference for high quality, high value products, as well as growing demand for organic and niche foods backed up by high food safety and proven traceability systems.

With 99.5% of the value of UK exports to Israel on average between 2018 and 2020 already liberalised, the government should seek to negotiate the removal of all remaining tariffs, particularly relating to UK exports of dairy products, wheat and horticulture products including apples and pears, cherries and peas.

Concessions around the UK’s prized horticulture market must only be granted if our entire agri-food sector can access reciprocal gains.

Specialised products

A matter of priority for negotiators should be acquiring recognition and protection of UK Geographical Indications (GI), particularly from within our dairy sector.

Technical barriers to trade

Diplomatic efforts, either within the context of enhanced trade talks or in parallel, must be made to address concerns surrounding ongoing technical barriers to trade, such as Israel’s new food labelling system.

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