NFU Sugar and British Sugar announce cash advance

01 June 2022

NFU Sugar chair Michael Sly

An opt-in scheme for British growers of sugar beet to receive a cash advance has been announced by NFU Sugar and British Sugar, to help ease inflationary pressures.

As part of efforts to alleviate some of the commercial pressures sugar beet growers are facing, British Sugar and NFU Sugar have announced a 25% cash advancement, interest free, ahead of the 2022-2023 campaign.

Opt-in scheme

The offer is open to all growers who have held contracts with British Sugar for each of the last three years. Growers are able to opt-in to the scheme, with monies expected to be in banks during the third full week of June.

To be eligible to opt-in for the cash advance, growers need to have completed the current year’s Crop Area Declaration. Growers who have not held contracts for at least the last three years can still speak with their British Sugar Account Manager to discuss their eligibility.

A commitment to the industry

Both British Sugar and NFU Sugar remain committed to delivering a timely outcome for the 2023-2024 contract negotiation that is both fair and fitting for all parties involved with a commitment to the industry at the heart of the process.

NFU Sugar chair Michael Sly said: “With growers across the country facing extreme inflationary pressures, I’m pleased that we have been able to work with British Sugar to offer growers a cash advance on their 2022 crop.”

Some relief for sugar beet growers

“Cash flow is incredibly important for a farm business and when prices of key inputs have risen so sharply, this early cash injection will provide some relief for British sugar beet growers,” he concluded.

Dan Green, Agriculture Director at British Sugar, said: “British Sugar is committed to being at the heart of a homegrown sugar industry. As part of that, we want to help our beet growers whenever possible.”

British Sugar and NFU Sugar working together

“With recent levels of inflation resulting in higher input prices, sugar beet growers are facing unexpected and increased pressures. We have worked with NFU Sugar to provide some practical help in these extraordinary circumstances. We acknowledge, more than ever, that growing sugar beet is a partnership between growers, industry partners, and us as the processor.

“We hope this cash advance, together with the work of the Field-to-Factory Partnership, gives growers the confidence to invest in sugar beet in the long-term.”

Find out more

For more information about eligibility and opting-in, please call British Sugar Grower Services on 0800 090 2376.

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