NFU welcomes the launch of Lidl's new grass-fed steak

19 February 2021

The NFU welcomes this new product launch and the support Lidl is showing in promoting grass fed sustainable production of beef in the UK.

Lidl’s new grass-fed steak is produced from cattle that have been fed a diet consisting of at least 70% grass and forage. Along with their diet, the cattle must also spend a minimum of 180 days a year grazing to qualify for grass-fed.

NFU National Livestock board chair Richard Findlay said:

"We are pleased to see Lidl promoting a grass-fed beef label which looks to recognise the sustainability of British beef. We produce some of the very best grass-fed beef in the world and I see this as a welcome development to promote British beef to UK consumers.

We welcome product differentiation especially where that returns an additional premium to the farmer."

British farmers aligned to producing the grass-fed product for Lidl will receive a premium on the beef that they supply.

Lidl said:

"Our grass-fed steak is a premium steak line from dedicated farmers, and what makes it premium is that the stock is reared on a healthy diet of at least 70% grass & forage, with at least 180 days grazing per year.

Our farmers are paid a premium to support a farming process which is more sustainable for the planet.

Additional to this, the dedicated farmers who supply our Grass-Fed Range are British and are Red Tractor Farm Quality Assured. This standard ensures that all animals are treated to the highest levels of animal welfare throughout their lifetime."

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