Northern Powerhouse Farmer Stories: Mark Jenkinson and family

18 October 2022

Mark Jenkinson

Farming 800 organic hill sheep and 40 Aberdeen Angus cattle on the John Strutt Conservation Foundation estate near Kirkby Stephen are the Jenkinson family.

Mark produces 400 North of England Mule breeding lambs per annum. Approximately 20% are sold through the H&H auction locally at Kirkby Stephen at specialist sheep sales in the autumn attracting buyers from across the country.

The remaining 80% are sold privately by Mark on farm to meet a steady demand for organic breeding replacements.

Each year Mark sells 600 wether lambs (castrated males) through the local auction or to Dunbia to supply Sainsbury’s.

Eight pedigree Aberdeen Angus bulls are sold each year mainly to local dairy farmers, the steers are processed by Dawn Meats for Marks and Spencer.

Also 40 dairy bred Aberdeen Angus calves are purchased to rear and sell as stores. Surplus heifers are sold off farm to establish new herds, on some occasions sold abroad, but there has not been much interest recently due to Brexit.

For the past 18 years the farm has been in Conservation Schemes and Mark works alongside the Cumbrian Wildlife Trust and Natural England to ensure maintenance and enhancement of all farm species, rich hay meadows, high bird pastures and limestone pavement.

Many kilometres of hedgerows have been planted alongside infield trees to create shelter and habitat for Mark's growing population of wildlife.

Archaeological features such as ancient settlements can be found on the farm and Mark is keen to secure it for the future.

Who does Mark do business with?
Cattle and sheep equipment purchased through Carrs Billington at Penrith from IAE, Prattley and Ritchie.
Carrs supply and maintain the machinery such as Massey Ferguson, High Spec and Can Am.

Toppings of Langwathby supply and maintain the MacHale round baler and wrapper.

Feed is purchased from High Peak Feeds of Derbyshire and Carrs Billington.

Vet meds are supplied by Pendragon Vets who are involved in the herd and flock health plans, also Carrs Billington and Eden Farm Supplies. Straw is purchased from Messrs G Atkinson, Brough.

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