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The UK Government is consulting on plans for a new labelling requirement which will be applied to a range of food products sold across Great Britain.

Under concessions that were secured with the EU under the Windsor Framework Agreement to help UK retailers move goods as freely from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, retail agri-food goods sold in Northern Ireland must be labelled ‘Not for EU’.

The UK Government has committed to introduce ‘Not for EU’ labelling across the whole of the UK, which must be displayed on a range of agri-food products, irrespective of if they have been produced in Great Britain or imported from abroad.

A short consultation has been launched to look at how this would work in practice, whether any exemptions should be implemented and who should be responsible for compliance and the enforcement of requirements.

NFU position

The NFU is concerned that this approach could lead to consumer confusion and misconceptions about the high-quality product UK farmers are proud to produce.

It will also lead to additional costs for domestic suppliers of food and products for sale across Great Britain (irrespective of whether they sell to Northern Ireland) and could lead to barriers to trade with the EU, and particularly the Republic of Ireland, which remains the UK’s largest overseas food and drink destination.

The NFU’s form for feeding back into this consultation has now closed.

15 March 2024

Consultation closes

This consultation has now closed. 

2 February 2024

‘Marking of Retail Goods’ consultation launched

The government is currently legislating to confirm that labelling requirements on agri-food products are applied across Great Britain, and to ensure that no incentive arises for businesses to avoid placing goods on the Northern Ireland market.

The UK Government has opted to push for this labelling requirement to be applied throughout the UK, fearing that choice and availability could be limited in Northern Ireland, potentially treating consumers there differently compared to in the rest of the UK.

A notable exception in the requirements is that goods produced in NI do not need to be labelled ‘Not for EU’ irrespective of where they are sold.

The NFU will be responding to the consultation on behalf of members.

Stakeholders can also respond directly to the consultation before 15 March 2024 at: GOV.UK | Marking of Retail Goods Consultation

This page was first published on 14 February 2024. It was updated on 15 March 2024.

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  • 2 February 2024: Government launches consultation