Order your free NFU field signs

14 November 2021

A white open farm gate with an NFU field sign pinned to it

With more people than ever out and about and enjoying the countryside, the NFU have created a selection of A4 QR-code-ready field signs to help you communicate with the public and share the great story that British farming has to tell.

The signs provide a simple creative mechanism to educate the public about how the fields they walk through are used to produce food and the work farmers do to look after the farmed landscape.

Order your signs

We have five field signs available to order. These cover growing wheat, growing barley, grazing sheep, grazing cattle, and looking after the environment.

You are able to order all of the signs available. The maximum number per sign is three.

Scroll down to order your signs. Please note you’ll need to be logged in.

QR code

Once the QR code is scanned you'll be taken to What's happening in a field near you?  page on the Countryside website. 

Share on social media 

We want to see your field signs in action and hear about how they've helped you engage with the public. 

Simply post to TwitterFacebook or Instagram using the hashtags #BackBritishFarming and #WhatsInMyField and we’ll share the best ones. 

Download your field signs 

An additional six are available to download, print and laminate at home. These cover growing oil seed rape, growing potatoes, growing sugar, growing oats, making hay and silage, and growing brassicas, as well as the five that can also be ordered.

Visit our ‘What's growing in my field?’ downloadable field signsto download and print today.

Welsh signs are available on the NFU Cymru website.

Keeping it relevant

Don't forget to remove the sign once the farming activity in that field has changed to ensure they are relevant.

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