Reducing peat use: share your views

Published 23 November 2021

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Share your views on reducing peat use in a joint survey between the HTA and the NFU.

The HTA and NFU are working together to represent the needs of UK growers to government on peat and its use as a growing media.

This survey is designed to provide up to date evidence of how peat is used in professional horticulture and what growers need in order to reduce peat use. The economic impacts, should growers not be supported in making a manageable transition away from peat, reasonable time frames and targeted exemptions in areas where viable alternatives are not yet available will also be considered.

Complete the UK horticulture peat growers survey.

Full consultation on feasibility

Defra Secretary of State and the EPAP (England Peat Action Plan) outlined the government ambition in May 2021 to consult on banning the sale of peat and peat containing products in the amateur sector by the end of this parliament, and a full consultation to examine the feasibility of certain measures, to end the use of horticultural peat in both the amateur and professional sectors.

Key organisations from across the horticulture sector have committed to end the sector’s use of peat, pledging to remove it from the retail market as early as 2025 and no later than the end 2028. For professional horticulture, the range is between 2028 and 2030. Both are dependent on government support which is further outlined in the HTA's briefing on the growing media taskforce.

Your views are vital

Your views will help provide up to date evidence and data.

Your business only needs to fill the survey out once. As this is a joint HTA/NFU survey, if you’ve responded to one you don’t need to respond to the other.

All responses are 100% confidential and the survey is being run according to the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct. We will only report results in aggregate and will not identify or share individual responses to the survey, nor use them for any other purpose than analysis.

You can contact [email protected] if you have any queries about the survey.

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