RSPCA Assured laying hen standards – tell us your views

05 July 2024

Eggs in production trays

The NFU is seeking views from egg producers on the new RSPCA Assured standards. Submit your views by Friday 9 August.

Following the NFU’s ask for better engagement with egg producers, RSPCA Assured has formed a producer group to gather feedback from laying hen producers on its new and revised assurance standards.

The NFU has already gathered feedback from members on the potential impact of new standards requiring the installation of verandas on barn units from January 2030, and the provision of natural daylight on all sites by January 2031.

We continue to feed this information in to RSPCA Assured.

However, it is important that egg producers also take this opportunity to feed back on the impact of all of the new and revised standards that RSPCA Assured intends to implement from 1 February 2025.

How to have your say

The NFU has created the below survey for members to feed into the NFU’s response. The questions reflect the different sections of the standards: 

  • Environment
  • Range
  • Management
  • Health
  • Transport and slaughter/killing

We would urge producers to read through the latest version of the new and revised RSPCA Assured laying hen standards before filling out the survey.

The survey will be open until Friday 9 August 2024.

Alternatively, members can submit feedback via email to [email protected].

Fill out my online form.

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