Seasonal labour: How to access support for local recruitment

Published 24 August 2021


In a recent webinar attended by poultry industry stakeholders and NFU members, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) explained how it can support poultry businesses in recruiting locally for seasonal roles.

How it works

To help connect employers to their local Jobcentres, DWP has set up a dedicated email inbox for poultry producers and processors to contact with details of their seasonal labour requirements.

If you contact this email address with your seasonal labour requirements, the DWP will then facilitate a handover with your local Jobcentre. You will then receive a call from a dedicated named contact to discuss your requirements.

Further support

Free support available includes:

  • Assistance promoting vacancies on the government’s online Find a Job service
  • The opportunity to promote vacancies to Jobcentre staff (either in person or virtually)
  • A physical interview space at the Jobcentre (they will also pre-book a number of interested candidates to attend interviews with you).

Jobcentre staff should also be able to provide guidance on additional government recruitment schemes that may be suitable for your business. Unlike agencies, there is no cost to using this service, only an investment of time. There is also no requirement to employ any candidates unless you feel that they are suitable.

How to use the service

To use the service, send an email to YnN0MS5kZWxpdmVyeXRlYW1AZHdwLmdvdi51aw== with details of:

  • The number of jobs you have to fill
  • A brief description of the type of work
  • The location with postcode
  • Contact details (phone and email) - please state your preferred method of contact
  • The best time for you to be contacted.

Why should I use this service?

The NFU is urging all seasonal poultry producers to contact this inbox, detailing their labour requirements so that they can access DWP support for local recruitment. While this is not a silver bullet to the challenges the sector faces with access to labour, it hopefully provides some additional options for businesses looking to recruit domestically.

Alongside the sector demonstrating that it is fully engaged with domestic recruitment schemes, we have asked the government to consider granting a seasonal workers scheme for the poultry sector which would allow migrant workers to enter the UK as they have done in previous years when freedom of movement was in place.

NFU members: Find out more about what we're asking government for, along with information on how you can ask your local MP to help work towards solutions to the challenges you face: NFU seeks seasonal worker scheme for poultry sector

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