Seasonal worker visa scheme for poultry confirmed until 2024

06 July 2022

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Read how we've been engaging with Defra and the Home Office to help determine the much-needed scheme details to help poultry producers best utilise the visas and access the labour they desperately require.

We've been in conversation with Defra and the Home Office since the mid-June announcement as part of the publication of the Government Food Strategy, in which the government allocated 2,000 visas for seasonal poultry businesses.

We have been working to help determine the much-needed scheme details to help members best utilise the visas and access the labour they so desperately require.

On 5 July, Defra and the Home Office hosted an online meeting and opened the invitation to poultry businesses which may be interested in using the visa scheme. NFU chief poultry adviser Aimee Mahony attended the meeting alongside NFU members. 

On this page we're sharing the key information we've learned for those interested in the scheme.

Key NFU work on behalf of the poultry sector

Since the Temporary Visa Scheme for poultry was announced in 2021, the NFU has been providing evidence to the government and asking for a suitable dedicated scheme for the poultry sector for 2022 and beyond.

The significant costs, late announcement, and inexperience of some of the labour providers created barriers to uptake of the scheme in 2021. Therefore we had four main asks moving forwards:

  • A dedicated scheme for the poultry sector should be made available for 2022 and beyond to give businesses the certainty they need to invest and produce seasonal poultry.
  • The costs associated with recruiting workers via the seasonal worker visa route should be manageable and not outprice smaller businesses who need access to labour.
  • The scheme needs to be announced and applications opened in a timely manner to allow businesses to plan ahead.
  • If labour providers are to be appointed to administer the scheme, then they should be operators with experience in recruiting for the poultry sector to help maximise uptake of the scheme.

So far this year we have been told that:

  • there is a commitment for 2,000 visas each year until 2024
  • the costs associated with the scheme will be lower going forwards
  • the announcement of visa availability has been made three months earlier compared to 2021
  • a tendering process for two poultry-specific labour providers has now opened.

These are all positive steps, which we have welcomed. We are now poised on behalf of the industry to help the government open the scheme for applications as soon as possible to maximise the opportunity for uptake.

Key updates

Number of visas available: The number of visas is confirmed at 2,000 for the seasonal poultry sector each year for the next three years. The NFU will continue to gather and submit evidence to show a need for further visas where appropriate. Defra and the Home Office have agreed to monitor and review the need for visas from the sector and will make any decisions based on sufficient evidence.

Timeframe: Visas will be available for workers arriving on the 1 November 2022 and they will need to leave the UK by the 31 December 2022. Defra and the Home Office have committed to do all they can to bring forward the date workers can arrive, but this is subject to the tendering process concluding and scheme operators being appointed and functional.

Salaries and hours: The visa scheme must not undermine the skilled worker route and so there will be a minimum salary set at £10.10 per hour for roles classified as ‘unskilled’ and a pro rata hourly rate for ‘skilled’ roles. There will also be a minimum number of hours that must be offered to each worker and further information from the government should be made available on this shortly.

What happens next?

We have asked Defra to keep the industry/government working group informed on any updates and the roll out of the scheme. NFU members who sit on the working group represent all scales and sizes of seasonal poultry businesses and they will continue raising the key issues that are affecting our members in relation to the launch of the seasonal worker visas for the poultry sector.

Further details

We now know further details about the tendering process for scheme operators. The visa route will run from 2022 to 2024 and will allow up to 2,000 visas for temporary migrants to work in the UK poultry sector.

The tendering process to appoint scheme operators has now opened. Further information about this is available on the website: Seasonal worker visa route RFI notice


An operator is an organisation that has a licence to sponsor migrants for temporary work in the UK through this visa route.

The government has concluded that the appropriate number of operators for the visa route is two for the poultry sector. These operators will manage the recruitment of seasonal workers through this visa route.

They will be responsible for 1,000 visas each. They will have a mandate from the government to distribute them equitably between the businesses requiring access to workers via the visa scheme.

Defra will now complete an RFI (request for information) process to tender new licences. This process is scheduled to take place over the summer months and conclude at the beginning of September 2022.

While it’s disappointing that this process has not started sooner it is encouraging to hear from Defra that it only needs to take place this year and so will help provide much needed clarity for the following two years.

Roles covered

The visa route will only cover certain work in the poultry sector where significant seasonal labour shortages are being reported.

Defra defines the seasonal poultry sector as work related to poultry slaughtered and processed in the pre-Christmas period.

Operators cannot hire a seasonal worker for work that requires labour all year round, or in offices or other administrative spaces, but can use the visa route to recruit seasonal workers for any of the following roles:

  • butcher
  • bird or game dresser
  • killer or plucker
  • poulterer
  • poultry processor
  • poultry sticker
  • trusser
  • food operative
  • poultry catcher or handler
  • poultry vaccinator
  • poultry meat packer.

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