SFI 2022 soils standard – what financial return is possible?

19 May 2022

Farm business Agricultural Transition Plan
An image of arable and grassland fields in Dorset, with cows in one of the fields.

Image copyright: Fototek, Geoff and Tordis Pagotto

We commissioned research from The Andersons Centre, which has shown that the financial returns from the SFI 2022 soils standards vary significantly depending on farm size, type and farming system.

We commissioned this research from The Andersons Centre to help inform the development and interpretation of the SFI (Sustainable Farming Incentive). This work began in the spring of 2021.

The third phase of the assessment focused on the most recent guidance and payment rates published by Defra in March 2022.

The analysis is based on robust model farms developed by The Andersons Centre over many years and focuses on the crops (combinable and general cropping), dairy, upland and lowland grazing livestock sectors and looks at the impact on different farm sizes.

The results provide a general indication of the impact of the arable and grassland soil standards.

However, it is not possible to broadly apply the findings of the Anderson’s work to all farms due to the unique nature of each farm business.

Therefore, it is important for anyone considering the suitability of the standards for their own business to read all the information available and make their own conclusions.

Returns are likely to vary depending on the farm system.

Read the
Andersons report

NFU members can log in to read the Andersons report in full for a detailed insight into modelled returns by farm type.

Summary report: Impact of arable and grassland soil standards on agricultural profitability and production

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