Sheep worrying - what we're doing for members

15 March 2016

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NFU members can read our Business Guide on livestock worrying here. This guide looks at the legal implications of sheep worrying, and the steps which should be taken during and after a livestock worrying incident. A flowchart is available which gives an overview of actions to be taken in the event of an ongoing problem.

Guidance for members

We're looking to increase links with other organisations, such a veterinary surgeries, rehoming charities and pet stores, who can help further push out and promote our message to the wider public. Dog walkers are reminded that even the most docile of pets can cause serious injury and death to livestock if they are not walked responsibly, particularly if that dog is not familiar with livestock.

Walkers are advised to keep dogs on a lead around livestock, but be prepared to release their dog if approached by cattle. Owners are also urged to keep their dogs wormed and to bag and bin mess from their dogs as this can spread harmful parasites to sheep and cattle, and to ensure that their homes are dog proof.

Some signs have been produced by the NFU in conjunction with The Kennel Club which can be put up around fields to encourage dog walkers to keep their dogs on leads when around livestock. These signs can be obtained free of charge from NFU CallFirst on 0370 845 8458.

The NFU advises walkers to keep dogs under close control or on a lead when walking in the countryside where there may be livestock - see our Love Your Countryside page for more...

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