3 easy ways to stand up for British farming in 2022

First published: 01 February 2022

Josie Troop with I am proud to produce climate friendly farming sign

Lead the way and spread the word by championing our #BackBritishFarming campaign in 2022. We've got three easy ways you can show your support and let everyone know why you are proud to produce climate-friendly food for the nation.

No matter what food you produce, together we’ve got a great story to tell.

From innovative ways of tackling climate change to sophisticated breeding built on years of know-how, we all believe our food is the best in the world, to be enjoyed all year round.

British farmers produce food to some of the highest standards in the world, and are committed to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

1. Use our printable sign

This January, use your voice on social media to show the climate-friendly food you and your fellow farmers are producing and tell people why they should be proud to enjoy British food.

You can write a caption on why you are proud or use our suggested tweets but remember to use the hashtag #BackBritishFarming

Spreading the good news

Still not sure? Look how one dairy farmer used his sign on Twitter to spread the message far and wide. 

Next Gen forum chair David Ractliffe's tweet was very popular when he shared it during COP26. It was retweeted by high profile former international rugby referee, Nigel Owens. His tweet was seen by 100,000 people.

2. Send some of our suggested posts

Just copy and paste the wording below and paste along side a photo or if you're retweeting someone else's post.

I am proud to produce climate-friendly food. When you buy British produce, you're supporting farmers like me who are committed to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.
Alongside producing climate-friendly food, I’m proud to protect and enhance the beautiful British countryside for us all to enjoy.
I am proud to keep the nation fed with high quality, climate-friendly produce. When you eat a balanced, seasonal diet made up of all the different food groups, you nourish your body with the nutrients and minerals that we need this time of year.

There is so much to be proud of in British farming, and we have the support of the public – more than a million people signed our food standards petition.

2 million in 2022

Our January 2022 campaign to get out the positive messages about British meat and dairy saw our social media content being viewed more than 2 million times!

Find out more about how our campaign caught the imagination of social media users in January on our Back British Farming campaign reaches millions in January page.

And just because it's no longer January doesn't mean you can't get involved. Take a look at some of our posts for inspiration, and remember to keep using #BackBritishFarming on social media!