Stop and think: Take care around vehicles and machinery

09 November 2023

A man looking at a tractor

Recent farm workplace incidents that have resulted in loss of life in circumstances that may have been preventable, point to the need to always stop and to take a minute to work out the best way to do a job safely.

Moving vehicles and machinery are major causes of farm workplace fatal incidents and serous life changing injuries.

When it comes to moving vehicles or moving parts of vehicles always make sure:

  • Moving vehicles and pedestrians are kept apart.
  • Drivers stop when anyone approaches.
  • Drivers check for bystanders, particularly children and farm visitors before starting tractors or operating machinery.
  • People do not stand in any position where there is a risk of being crushed e.g. at the rear of a tractor or trailer.
  • Equipment is secured to keep it in place. Always prop cabs, tipping trailers and other parts that could drop under their own weight.

When stopping or planning to carry out any maintenance work always follow the safe stop procedure before leaving the cab.

Further support

Guidance to help keep vehicles safely maintained and fit for the road is available here on the NFU website: NFU Farm Vehicle Health Check Guide. NFU Safe Stop cab stickers can be requested from CallFirst on 0370 845 8458.

Further information is available on the HSE website: vehicles and machinery maintenance and in the free leaflet working safely with agricultural machinery.

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