Winter bean seed – temporary derogation this autumn

28 October 2022

Close up image of bean plants

Following the dry weather experienced in this year's growing months, a request by the AIC (Agricultural Industries Confederation) to market 9,170 tonnes of winter bean seed has been approved. Read on to find out the new reduced germination level and which varieties this affects.

On Monday 17 October, Defra, the Welsh Government and the Scottish Government approved a request from industry to market 9,170 tonnes of certified winter bean seed at a reduced germination level of no less than 70%. This was done to meet this autumn’s expected market demand and contractual seed obligations.

Dry weather impact

With dry weather conditions over the 2022 growing season causing a reduction in the germination of winter field bean seed, the AIC submitted the request on behalf of the industry to market 9,170 tonnes of winter bean seed.

This included popular varieties such as Tundra, Bumble, Vespa, Vincent and Pantani, at a reduced minimum germination level of 70% over the 2022 autumn period. The pre-existing minimum germination requirement for winter bean seed is 80%.

Defra will be releasing formal authorisation in the coming days to enable this decision; specifying marketing conditions and labelling requirements for companies who have been permitted to sell seed under the derogation.

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