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17 September 2020

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The Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture (TIAH) is a new Professional Body under development, set up with the ambition to position agriculture and horticulture as a dynamic industry, attracting and retaining talent from a wide range of backgrounds, investing in people in order to improve productivity, staff engagement and retention.

The Institute is being developed by a project group that includes the NFU, AHDB, farmers, employers, industry leaders and further and higher education specialists. The body will act as an umbrella, co-ordinating existing skills and training provision across England, bringing everything in to one, accessible place.

A large part of what TIAH will provide will be an online space where users have access to individual profiles, logging both formal and informal training and qualifications.

TIAH will make it easy for both employers and employees to look for suitable training options in order to develop skills, careers and businesses. It will provide access to information on the roles available in farming, progression options and skills required, to those new to the farming industries, or exploring its potential.

TIAH will act as a co-ordinating force, ensuring that up to date knowledge of policy and regulations, as well as new and innovative farming and growing practises are disseminated throughout the industry.

TIAH will also provide access to HR and personnel development support to small and medium sized businesses across the industry, as well as collate reliable data on the labour market, workforce requirements and skills shortages.

NFU support

The NFU has been involved with the development of TIAH since the beginning, with Policy Board recently agreeing continued support. Vice President Tom Bradshaw and Next Generation Forum members Simon Gadd and Owen Piper are co-Chairs and co-Vice Chairs on working groups to develop the body. Rachel Chambers, NFU staff lead on skills, alongside colleagues Tom Price and Alison Taylor are also involved in the development of TIAH.

The Next Generation Forum alongside AHDB hosted a fringe event at the Oxford Farming Conference earlier this year, to launch the vision and the development of TIAH. You can find out more about the event here.

Regular newsletters, providing updates of the development progress of TIAH will be produced by the development group, and can be accessed below.

If you have any questions about the project, or want to know how you can get involved, please contact Rachel Chambers or Alison Taylor.

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