Turkey donation brings a smile to those in need

31 December 2021

Robert Caldecott, turkeys and the team on farm at Wythall

Robert Caldecott, turkeys and the team on farm at Wythall

Free range turkeys from a family business at Wythall were donated this Christmas so people in need could enjoy a farm fresh bird.  

Worcestershire poultry farmers Robert Caldecott and his wife Anne made the kind gesture to Henley Green Grub Hub over the festive season when they donated 150 birds.

The couple, who are Henley NFU members, said they were delighted to be involved and the three pallets of turkeys went to renowned butchers Aubrey Allen Ltd at Coventry, before they were handed over.

Grub Hub manager, Dianne Williams, sent her thanks to all involved from her and the team.

She said: “A huge thank you for your amazing acts of kindness, we were overwhelmed by your generosity.

“We cannot thank you enough, you will never know how many lives you have touched!

“Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2022.” 

Some of the turkeys went to a couple who spent Christmas Day providing lunch for 30 lonely and isolated people, while others went to foodbank and NHS vaccination staff and volunteers, vulnerable families and others in the community in and around Coventry.

Gary Ford with turkey farmer Robert Caldecott_82256 *

Robert who started off producing a few geese for Christmas in the early 1980s has grown the family business, at Holly Farm, to become a specialist grower and supplier of premium free range turkeys and chicken.

Trading as Caldecott Turkey Farms Ltd the family business has been established for more than 60 years with high quality, high welfare turkey production for Christmas and chicken all year round.

Robert and Anne produce bronze and white turkeys and they supply more than 400 butchers nationally, they also have their own state-of-the-art processing facilities and an extensive distribution network.

Turkeys and free range chicken from the farm, distributed through Aubrey Allen Ltd, also go to some of the top restaurants in the country owned by Raymond Blanc, Heston Blumenthal and many others.

Mr Caldecott said: “We were delighted to help out and working with the grub hub and Aubrey Allen we have hopefully made a real difference to people at this special time.

“Our birds are raised using traditional methods complemented by exceedingly high welfare and hygiene procedures.

“Independent inspections endorse our endeavours to maintain these high standards.”

“I’d like to wish everyone the best for 2022.”

The family farm concentrates on prime cuts and whole birds, individually boxed turkeys are matured for 14 to 21 days to give them extra flavour and customers a quality eating experience.

Robert said they were also passionate about poultry welfare and their mix of traditional and modern farming methods helped to guarantee the finest quality Christmas turkey with full traceability back to their farms.

In 2016 he won the Farmers Weekly Poultry Farmer of the Year Award.

* (Image: The NFU's Gary Ford at Wythall with Robert Caldecott)

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