Used agricultural farm machinery exports move to new APHA Plant Health Export Service

07 May 2021

Horticulture and potatoes International trade

Used agricultural farm machinery exporters can now use the new Plant Health Export Service to make export applications to the APHA.

Defra and the APHA have been working to develop and deliver a new IT system to replace eDomero for plants and plant product exports, including used agricultural farm machinery.

From 14 May 2021, exporters will no longer be able to use the eDomero service to make these applications. Traders should register now to use the new service through Government Gateway.

Farm machinery exports are the first commodity group to transition from eDomero to the new service and will benefit from an improved user experience and a faster, more efficient service.

What happens next?

The new service will be rolled out to traders on a phased basis throughout the spring and summer. Exporters of other commodities (plant products, plant produce, seeds, grain, bulbs and potatoes) will transition to using the new service in phases over the coming months, following the timeline pictured below. Defra will contact exporters when their respective commodity groups are moving from eDomero to the new service.

You can read more about the replacement IT systems on the Plant Health Portal.

Timeline of Plant Export Services

How can I get help?

If you need any assistance with registering for or using the Plant Health Export Service, please contact the APHA on 0300 1000 313 or by email.

Defra or the APHA may be in touch with used agricultural farm machinery exporters before 14 May to support them to register for and use the new service. In the meantime, if you have any questions, speak to your APHA plant health and seed inspector or contact Defra by email.

User feedback

Over the past few months, Defra has been working closely with a small group of used agricultural farm machinery exporters to help develop, test and refine the new exports system.

Positive feedback from this group has included:

  • “The system is far easier to use than the previous one. Everything is so self-explanatory.”
  • “I found the system so easy to use and self-explanatory. I did not need any additional support. I was able to follow the online process and easily register my application.”
  • “As long as you have all of the details ready for raising an application, the system is so easy. You just need to be prepared with your own information.”


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