#YourHarvest campaign builds public support

05 August 2022

Farmer Jamie Burrows in front of a combine harvester

As combines roll across East Anglia, the NFU is kicking off its #YourHarvest campaign to celebrate the arable sector’s contribution to the nation’s economy and food supply. 

In recent months, food production and the fragility of global food security has been thrown into sharp focus. And the prolonged dry and warm weather has sped up the development of some crops, resulting in an earlier start to this year’s combining for many farmers.

To highlight this crucial time for food production, the NFU is asking the public to join in harvest celebrations by taking photos and videos of the beautiful British countryside and sharing them on social media using #YourHarvest.

NFU regional crops board chair Jamie Burrows, who farms near St Albans in Hertfordshire, said: “As combine harvesters roll across East Anglia, we want to highlight the connection between what we do on the farm, how our crops are being used, and how our produce ends up on people's plates.

“We would encourage everyone visiting the beautiful countryside over the summer to get involved. They can share pictures of the harvest in action or photos showing how they’re backing British farming by enjoying the wonderful British produce that harvest brings.

"We've also published some information for members on how they can get involved."

“We would encourage everyone visiting the beautiful countryside over the summer to get involved."

NFU regional crops board chair Jamie Burrows

Wheat Harvest Tom Martin's Farm

NFU national crops board chair Matt Culley said: “It has been a tough year for the arable sector, with fuel prices up significantly and fertiliser prices trebling compared to this time last year, meaning the cost of production on farm is soaring.

“That’s why this year’s #YourHarvest campaign is more important than ever. We want to celebrate all the amazing crops arable farmers grow such as wheat for bread or barley for beer – and thank the public for their valued support in continuing to buy locally produced, home grown food.”

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