Essential journey certificate produced by the NFU

A tractor working in the fields on the Norfolk/Cambridgshire border

The NFU has produced an essential travel certificate to help farmers working to grow our food across East Anglia.

Since new Government restrictions on journeys were introduced, NFU advisers have received reports of police officers stopping and challenging farmers and their employees in the countryside.

The law does not currently require anyone to show documentary evidence to justify their journey if they are stopped, but the certificate is designed to help reduce any confusion. It will enable farmers and farm workers to demonstrate they are involved in the critical role of food production.

NFU East Anglia Regional Director Rachel Carrington said: “It’s crucial that everyone follows the latest Covid-19 guidance – we need to do what we can to control the spread of this virus and protect lives.

“But farmers must also continue to produce food. This certificate can be carried by farmers and farm workers when travelling to work, or between different sites, and shown to the relevant authorities if they are stopped.

“We are also suggesting an employer provides employees with their own letter on their company letterhead, containing the employer’s name and contact details.”

The certificate is available for members to download from the NFU website here.