Backing British farming at Cornwall's G7

G7 leaflet crop_78816

As preparations begin in earnest for the G7 summit at Carbis Bay near Newquay (June 11 to 13), it may well be that we will see some hold ups caused by road closures/diversions and possibly protests as the event gets nearer.

The NFU is in regular touch with the police and other authorities to try and make sure any difficulties for farming businesses are kept to a minimum and has worked closely with Devon and Cornwall Police to make sure the inevitable disruption caused by the security arrangements that surround an event like the G7 is kept to a minimum.

If you do find yourself experiencing problems, do let us know through the regional office on 01392 440700 or email c291dGgud2VzdEBuZnUub3JnLnVr and we can make sure these are fed back.

The latest updates are available from the Devon and Cornwall Police website and the G7 website.

• With the possibility of the text of the controversial trade deal with Australia being agreed at the time of the G7, we also decided to take the opportunity to remind the region’s MPs about the value of agriculture to our economy, communities and the environment.

This was done by sending them some Cornish bulbs and wildflower seeds, in a package with a specially designed leaflet extolling the many benefits farming brings us. This included an ‘infographic’ with some key facts and figures about the region, a message from NFU regional director Melanie Squires and some suggestions as to how MPs can back the South West’s farmers.

You can download the full leaflet through ‘related documents’ below, but the message was as follows:

“The farmed landscape plays a vital part in helping to store carbon in our soils, hedges and trees – not to mention providing high quality meat, milk and wool. Well-managed grazing prevents erosion, improves water storage and provides wildlife habitats on land often unsuitable for growing crops.

Our arable farmers provide the grain which produces bread and beer. The integration of livestock with arable systems means that manure can provide organic fertiliser that keeps soils fertile.

It’s our ambition that farming becomes net zero for greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

Horticulture is a key industry, particularly in Cornwall, producing magnificent veg and the flowers that bring so much beauty to our homes and gardens.

Overall, agriculture contributes about £1.6bn to the economy of the South West. It produces a landscape cherished by those who live and work here, and the millions who love to come and see it every year, spending money locally.

Our farming and food chain delivers a wealth of environmental, economic and social benefits – with your help we can achieve even more, sustainably.

We enclose some bulbs and wildflower seeds, which we hope you will plant and enjoy in your own corner of this truly special region.”

How MPs can back South West farming…

• Call for more local food to be used in public sector catering

• Further backing for tourism and farm diversification

• Deliver more investment in rural infrastructure

• Support our work on net zero, natural capital improvement and clean growth

• ‘Rural proof’ policies to reduce unintended consequences

• Champion our world-leading production standards