Broadband and Mobile

Broadband and Mobile

The NFU is unique in surveying more than 800 members to show the true picture of broadband and mobile coverage for farmers.

Our 2018 survey results show that only 16% of respondents had superfast broadband speeds and only 19% had reliable mobile phone signal on their farm.

The NFU has called on the government to make the digital economy universal so that every farming business can access future-proofed superfast broadband at speeds they can afford and use mobile technology across the farm.

Read our Spotlight on Farm Broadband and Mobile Networks report here.

It includes:

  • NFU farm survey results
  • Member case studies
  • How broadband infrastructure works
  • Why farming needs broadband and mobile infrastructure
  • What the government is offering
  • Possible solutions and how the NFU believes we can get farms connected

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