New Openreach wayleave information pack sets out processes for landowners

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Openreach has made a new information pack available setting out the processes for new broadband wayleave agreements.

The NFU and CLA have been working with Openreach over the past year to facilitate a national broadband wayleave agreement to make it easier for landowners to reach agreement with Openreach over locations and payment rates for cables and other apparatus for the broadband rollout.

There have been previous agreements and rates in place but this new pack sets out processes more comprehensively, offering landowners more clarity.

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Last edited on: 03:10:2018

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  • Posted by: P BaggsPosted on: 03/10/2018 20:42:10

    Comment: On looking at the depth of your cables 350mm most farms are cultivating below these depths, a electric cable over agricultural ground is at a depth of 1200mm minimum, so your cables should also be at that depth, for safety reasons, as as you state that if damaged the land owner would be held responsible for repairs.

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