New NFU Energy service helps to tackle standing charges

17 April 2024

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Take control of your energy bill and reduce surprises with NFU Energy’s new service, dedicated to cutting the cost of standing charges.

Standing Charge Banding Reduction is NFU Energy's new service, aimed at helping customers navigate the complex landscape of standing charges.

The service can help to guide you through the complexities of LLF (line loss factors) and their profound impact on your energy costs.

Understanding the challenge

As the energy market experiences constant changes, standing charges have become a concern for many customers.

The standing charge associated with your electricity meter is directly influenced by the LLF, a portion of your supply number.

This LLF is subject to change, primarily based on the declared capacity of your meter, and it has been undergoing alterations in the national database since spring.

The impact of changing LLF

When the LLF changes, it triggers adjustments in the standing charge banding which is associated with your meter.

This means that you may end up paying more than necessary if your LLF reflects a higher capacity than you are actually using.

Addressing the issue

The new service aims to assist customers in reducing their standing charge banding and, subsequently, their energy costs.

NFU Energy will guide you through the process, which involves getting a new agreement with your DNO (District Network Operator) and ensuring that the LLF accurately reflects your meter’s new banding.

For more information about NFU Energy's new service, visit Standing Charge Banding Reduction | NFU Energy

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