NFU responds to Defra recommendations of reform to tenanted sector

24 May 2023

NFU Vice President David Exwood

NFU Vice President David Exwood has responded to Defra’s recommendations and actions to reform the tenanted sector following the Rock Review.

Mr Exwood said: “As we said last October when Baroness Kate Rock published her independent review, agricultural tenants have a vital role in delivering this government’s food production and environmental ambitions, and in growing our rural economies, with landlords and tenants working together to achieve this.

“We welcome much of what Defra has announced today including the formation of a new farm tenancy forum. This forum would meet regularly and consider how the sector is progressing throughout the agricultural transition and importantly, provide regular feedback on tenant / landlord relationships and agreements. It is essential the forum is up and running as quickly as possible to support the implementation of Defra’s recommendations to revitilise the sector.

“There are challenges ahead and more work to do to support our farming tenant members and the NFU will be working closely with government to take all their considerations forward including the proposed RICS Code of Practice.

“Ultimately, these reforms must enable us to grow a more vibrant, accessible and resilient tenanted farming sector.”