Agricultural Holdings Act tenancies: an overview


This business guide provides an overview on Agricultural Holdings Act Tenancies, commonly tknown as AHAs or 86 Act tenancies

The guide sets out how to identify an AHA, the rights the AHA tenants enjoy, the termination procedures, repair liability, and the compensation available when tenants make improvements to land.

We have separate Business Guides available on

  • Tenancy succession (“Tenancy Succession: the rules and procedure”); and
  • Rent reviews (“Rent Reviews for Agricultural Holdings Act Tenancies: understanding the procedure”).

The law on AHAs is vast and at times very complicated, and so many of the various intricacies and exceptions fall outside of this general overview.

Professional advice should therefore be sought in many of the instances covered in this guide.  Strict time limits and deadlines apply to AHA matters, so if you receive a formal notice from or on behalf of your landlord then you should instruct a professional adviser without delay.