Rent reviews for Agricultural Holdings Act tenancies: understanding the procedure


This business guide explores how rent is reviewed for yearly periodic Agricultural Holdings Act tenancies (“AHA tenancies”). These are AHA tenancies that run from year-to-year, so the information in this guide does not apply to AHA tenancies that have fixed terms.

It explains the statutory rent review procedure, how frequently rent can be reviewed, and how any revised rent is calculated.

AHA tenancies are agricultural tenancies that were granted before 1 September 1995.  Our business guide “Agricultural Holdings Act Tenancies: an overview” explains how to identify whether your tenancy is an AHA tenancy.

If your tenancy started on or after 1 September 1995 then it is likely to be a Farm Business Tenancy (an “FBT”).  We have a separate guide, “Rent Reviews for Farm Business Tenancies: understanding the procedure”, which contains information on how rent reviews are handled with FBTs.