Glyphosate vote positive for agriculture - NFU

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The NFU is pleased with the result of the European Parliament vote on glyphosate this afternoon, following intense discussions on the importance of the herbicide between the NFU President and MEPs in Strasbourg and letters to MEPs from the farming community.

Last-minute amendments to the resolution, lobbied for by the NFU and adopted in the European Parliament, provide a clear mandate for the European Commission and member states to proceed with the re-authorisation of the active substance glyphosate.

NFU President Meurig Raymond said: “The result of this vote is very welcome news. It’s fundamental that the agricultural sector is able to use glyphosate responsibly in order to produce a healthy products across the sector entering the food chain, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and continue to farm sustainably.

“We prioritised meeting with MEPs ahead of the vote in Strasbourg this week to make absolutely sure that they are aware of the importance of glyphosate for farming and adding balance to any skewed views on the issue. This work was strengthened by the many letters from farmers to their local MEPs, and I thank those who took the time to do so.

“We were in grave danger of the debate ignoring the impacts this would have had on farms across the UK and Europe and being hijacked by wider political motives. It’s absolutely vital that policy is led by the most up to date scientific evidence out there. I’m glad we’ve seen evidence of this today.”  

While the vote resulted in a generally favourable outcome, there remain areas of concern within the resolution that demonstrate the extent of misinformation and misunderstanding of the use of glyphosate on farm that could have influenced the re-authorisation process.

  • Posted by: Simon BricePosted on: 13/04/2016 17:51:19

    Comment: Excellent news concerning glyphosate and well done to all in the NFU for fighting for this, it shows how important it is to keep MEP's informed in what could have gone the other way with disastrous results.
  • Posted by: David Hutton-SquirePosted on: 13/04/2016 23:18:43

    Comment: In this report of glyphosate events in the EU parliament, you indicate something happened today, you tell us what a grand job you did lobbying ...
    ... BUT You don't tell us what actually happened.
    What were the ammendements, what was the motion voted on, what was the votinjg result (the figures), which groups voted which way, who changed their minds late in the process? What is the commisssion's new mandate?

    Please: First give us the basic news, then you can glow with pride.
  • Posted by: W.R.Butterfield for G.W.Butterfield and SonPosted on: 15/04/2016 14:53:20

    Comment: Splendid and for once, a common sense approach to a vital safe chemical for our battle against Black Grass especially.
  • Posted by: John R.HallPosted on: 24/04/2016 09:13:11

    Comment: Now NFU lets have a push to stop local authorities and there contractors spraying this very important chemical on roads, foot paths, around trees ect. They should not be allowed to use this chemical so liberally. How can they spray road gullies, footpaths and other hard surfaces so that the majority of the chemical is washed into water courses?
  • Posted by: Hamish JansonPosted on: 02/03/2017 21:52:06

    Comment: Without glyphosate our arable production will plummet because of uncontrollable blackgrass