Headline news in animal health: 17 February 2017

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Avian Influenza Updates…

On Monday 13 February another case of avian influenza was confirmed in mid-Suffolk.

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In order for poultry producers to comply with Defra’s proposed amendments to the prevention zone  on 28 February, members must establish in they are in a Higher Risk Area.

Find out more about the AI prevention zone amendments here.


According to APHA disease surveillance report in this week’s Veterinary Record, APHA have reported stillbirths and fetal deformity in lambs due to Schmallenberg virus (SBV) infection. To date there have been 55 cases in England and Wales. Veterinary practitioners have also reported suspicion of SBV, but these are still awaiting a definitive diagnosis. It is therefore impossible to confirm the cause at this stage. Vets at APHA VICs and non-APHA partner post mortem examination providers are available to provide further advice and are offering free of charge testing for suspect cases.

Contact details can be found here

BVDFree: Join the voluntary scheme…

The BVD voluntary scheme for farmers to join aims to eliminate BVD from all cattle by 2022. The scheme needs at least 60% of cattle registered within the first 2 years so that government support can be sort for the implementation of compulsory measures.

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BVD England is urging all farmers who join the scheme, to find out the BVD status of their soon as possible. Blood, milk and tissue samples can be taken and vets can advise on the most appropriate test for the herd. Persistently infected (PI) cattle, if present, are a major source of infection and once identified, steps must be taken to eliminate them from the herd. One method of identifying the BVD status is to use the tag and test process.

Find more information on the tag and test process here

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