How to get involved in #YourHarvest

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The NFU has launched its #YourHarvest campaign and this year arable farmers are being asked to reach out to the public and MPs through social media to highlight the importance a thriving crops sector in Britain.

Growers can get involved by taking a short video to explain what they do and where their produce goes, showing the public how the cereals sector delivers for both food production and the environment.

Farmers can also ask their MP to back British arable farming through the development of the Trade and Agriculture Commission, the Agriculture Bill and a fit for purpose Environmental Land Management (ELM) policy, which is currently out for consultation.

NFU combinable crops board chairman Matt Culley said: “This year’s #YourHarvest campaign could not come at a more critical time for British farming. Our government is in the process of developing a number of key policies that will change how our industry works and we need to make sure our voices are heard.

“While many of our farms remain closed to the public and MPs due to coronavirus, we can still show them what we deliver for the economy, the environment and the nation, and how they can support a thriving crops sector into the future.Matt Culley_73425

“Over the past couple of months we have seen the strength of public feeling on the food standards issue, but the conversation is often focused around chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beef.

"Many people don’t realise that the UK is already importing crops that have been grown using pesticides and other products that are illegal here. And if this is replicated in future trade deals, it could have a significant impact on the competitiveness of British growers.

“We need to show the public and MPs why we deserve their support, and the #YourHarvest campaign is a fantastic opportunity to get out there and tell the story of the British arable sector.”

How you can get involved in #YourHarvest

The aim of the #YourHarvest campaign is to demonstrate the value of British arable farming, help build public understanding of the sector and what it delivers, and ask MPs to support its future outside of the EU.

This year, the NFU has elected to run a virtual #YourHarvest campaign and is asking farmers and growers to post a short video on social media to reach out to both the public and MPs.

Things to include in the video:

  • Your name and where you farm
  • What you grow and what products it goes into e.g. bread, biscuits, cereal, any well-known brands
  • What happens to the field now it’s been harvested?
  • What environmental work you undertake (if any) and what are the opportunities to do more e.g. new ELM schemes on your farm.
  • A call to action – ask the public to look out for British products when shopping, or ask your MP to support British arable farmers through the development of the Trade and Agriculture Commission, the Agriculture Bill and/or the ELM scheme.

Make sure you tag NFUTweets and use the hashtags #YourHarvest and #BackBritishFarming

Top tips for shooting a quality video:

  • Keep it under one minute
  • Talk slowly and clearly
  • Have a family member/friend take the video if possible
  • Try to get your fields in the background – this looks better visually and also means people can see what you grow
  • Take the video in landscape rather than portrait
  • Don't stand too close to the camera – around one metre should work
  • Avoid filming on a windy day or in a busy farmyard to limit background noise
  • Don't move the camera too fast
  • Make sure you're in good light

The NFU has also created two videos for members to use on social media to use alongside the new arable infographics. One of these is an animated version of our recent infographics:

The second is a video shows the bread-making process, from harvest to your plate. Throughout lockdown, thera has been a rise in the amount of baking at home. Sales of flour rose 82% during lockdown compared to the same period last year and the NFU wants to remind people of the important role that British arable farmers play in producing flour for the home-bakers:

You can find information for social media captions in the description of the videos.

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