Dairy Board appointee applications: Help shape the future of our sector

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Due to the ongoing situation with the outbreak of COVID-19, we have decided to delay the appointee process until further notice. We will update this page once the process is underway again.

UK dairy producers continue to face challenges and uncertainty, from Brexit and trade policy, contract regulation and fairness in the supply chain. Set in the context of the development and delivery of a new agriculture support policy that works for dairy producers, significant focused efforts lie ahead for the industry to become sustainable in the face of these challenges.

We cannot ignore the matter of climate change and in September, the NFU launched its Achieving Net Zero report which outlined our plans for how British farming can reach net zero by 2040, ten years ahead of the government’s target. While the solutions are not straightforward, we firmly believe that sustainable dairy production in the UK can contribute to meeting this ambition, while providing positive benefits to the environment.

Consumers continue to demand high standards of traceability, food safety, and animal welfare alongside high levels of environmental delivery yet the value placed on food remains relatively low.

We continue to call for transparency and fairness in the supply chain, ensuring all within the chain remain profitable. Building upon our already world leading standards will be critical if we are to maintain our domestic market and champion our British dairy produce abroad, seeking new opportunities.

To aid our navigation of this path, the NFU is looking for four forward-thinking English or Welsh dairy farmer members to join the national dairy board as appointees, to help champion and represent the causes of the sector, alongside our eight regionally elected members and chairman.

We’re looking for candidates that will bring experience of dairy production and knowledge of the wider supply chain to the board. Board agendas are wide-ranging and potential applications should have skills and interest in areas such as trade, animal health, climate change mitigation and productivity. Knowledge of skills and training for the dairy workforce, retail and processing, as well as data systems would be useful.

Potential must demonstrate a sound understanding of the policy and trade issues affecting the dairy industry, as well as a willingness to connect with the wider NFU membership.

Applicants should be active dairy producers with a good understanding of the sectors, be forward-thinking and have strong communication skills.

Are you interested? Here's how to apply:

Interested members should contact James Osman, Chief Dairy Adviser, c/o Q2xhcmUuSnVsYW5kQG5mdS5vcmcudWs= or TmFuY3kuRnVsbGVyQG5mdS5vcmcudWs= with an up-to-date CV setting out your experience, skills, interests and personal statement on what you would bring to the board. You should clearly mark any correspondence, including your application with the word ‘Dairy’ in the subject line.

What you need to know

Successful candidates are appointed for two years and will be expected to attend six meetings a year, typically at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. Attendance at other supply chain, government or NFU meetings as a representative of the board will be required from time to time.

In return you will receive an honorarium, paid monthly, and reimbursement of reasonable expenses. Closing dates and interview dates are to be confirmed. 

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